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Ek moes so paar dae gelede baie mooi dink wat beteken “hasie-tyd…” My liefste kleinste neefie ry saam my in die motor en vertel my dat ek moet onthou dis amper “hasie-tyd.

Life Expectancy in Dachshunds Click the picture to read

Not really funny but I don't have an appropriate board to put this sleepy dachshund cuteness

Unlikely friends. Adorable!

Unlikely friends

Manni the five-week-old boar plays with a Candy the Jack Russell terrier in Ehringhausen, . Adorable little animals, cute puppy pictures full of cuteness.


Funny pictures about You Otter Surrender. Oh, and cool pics about You Otter Surrender. Also, You Otter Surrender photos.

Oh, you're tired? I'm tired too...

Oh, you’re tired? I’m tired too…

Oh, you're tired? I'm tired too.I love when little dogs snuggle in for a snooze