I definitely would never have enough time in the world to do this, but I have this crazy obsession with food that looks cool

LOTS OF WATERMELON CARVING IDEAS. Liven up your Buffet or Appetizer table with these carved watermelon serving vessels. Everyone will be talking about your creativity.

Easy Edible Construction Trucks | While these trucks may work hard in the real…

Easy Edible Construction Trucks

While these trucks may work hard in the real world, kids craft ideas like this are surprisingly simple to bring to life. With a package of wafer cookies and a bag of Rolos, you can help your kids make these Easy Edible Construction Trucks.

Gender Reveal. This is cute... OR... you could put a bunch of blue or pink ballons in a sheet of plastic suspended from the ceiling and do a balloon dop. The plastic would have to be a solid color of course, so you couldn't see the balloons until they dropped. You could add loose confetti sitting with the balloon if you don't mind cleaning it up.

Del really likes the Confetti Balloon Pop Gender Reveal Idea. I am not sure yet but it& a cool idea :)

Cute Kids Birthday Cakes (none of which I could make)

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Cute Kids Birthday Cakes (none of which I could make)

Lace around vintage water bottles - table setting

Lace around vintage water bottles - table setting lovely details

Le Frufrù: Washi tape party

DIY washi tape tea lights - probably not this color but an easy way to dress up tea lights or even bigger candles

Isabella skulle älska denna! Och sannolikt bara äta dekoren :)

Tips och tricks

kort inbjudan tips inspiration korttillverkning barnkalas sommarest

DIY Popsicle Invitation idea ^^ - perfect for summer parties

Sonens födelsedagskaka... - ellas inspiration

cut the strawberries into hearts maybe even use a cookie cutter

Cute idea for a cutlery for a boys party

{DIY Bow Tie Napkins with Utensils} I just think this is such a great idea for a baby boy shower or birthday party! DIY bow-tie napkins around utensils wrapped with polka dot bow ties

Inbjudningskort till Djungelkalas http://www.dansukker.se/se/inspiration/barnkalas/djungelkalas.aspx #barnkalas #inspiration

Inbjudningskort till Djungelkalas http://www.dansukker.se/se/inspiration/barnkalas/djungelkalas.aspx #barnkalas #inspiration


Cute strawberry pink soda bottles with pink bow. Bridal shower ideas or wedding favor ideas.

Apple Turtle Snack for Kids!

Sea Turtle Snack - Green apples Green grapes, Goldfish crackers, Mini chocolate chips, Frosting, Slice a green apple in half as well as grapes

watermellon shark

Kids find the Shark Attack Party Snack absolutely hilarious and fun. This is the one shark that you want at your summer party.

kaka kalas barnkalas legobaka

Brownies: Rindy Mae: Lego Birthday my nephew!