80s Nostalgia

I was born in 1976 and because of that reason I grew up in the 80s :) Stuff from my childhood that I like. Or disklike. Or Hate.
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Garbage pail kids. Why did we collected this stuff? Kind of tasteless :)

Garbage Pail Kids -Still have all mine! Each sticker card features a Garbage Pail Kid character having some comical abnormality and/or suffering some terrible fate, and a humorous, word play-rich character name, such as Glandular Angela or Half-Nelson.

All the cool boys had this framed in their room.

Panther Tattoos pictures and designs. Free high quality photographs, flash and image designs in our Panther Tattoos Gallery. Celtic Tattoos and Tribal Tattoos shown also.

I remember the smell when opening the box :)

Those that remember games like Tetris, Dr. Mario, Super Mario Brothers, etc. will never forget playing their game boy. This is the original game boy that came out in the late

Puff Puff här kommer jag med puffar som är rostade i hååååånuuuung!

det och kalaspuffar

Puff Puff här kommer jag med puffar som är rostade i hååååånuuuung!

GB glass 1986

GB ice cream 1986 // When Swedish ice cream was cheap

Oboy + hönökaka = mellanmål

Oboy + hönökaka = mellanmål

Blandband (Mix-tape). 80s version of Spotify.

Kassettentäter Check this users friends for more Kassettentäter music.

TV3-Skurt (notera nordenkepsen).

TV3-Skurt (notera nordenkepsen).

C64 game Who dare wins 1985. Kicked commandos ass.

game Who dare wins Kicked commandos ass.

Jedi soft drink 1984. What does Jedi taste like?

Jedi soft drink What does Jedi taste like?