The best outdoor music stations from around the web. From wind chimes, to banging walls, to a cool music man, this collection is bursting with inspiration!

Discover thousands of images about 20 Amazing Outdoor Music Stations. From wind chimes, to banging walls, to a cool music man this post has SO much inspiration.

Make an outdoor music wall. Perfect solution for children who want to BANG and experiment with sound, in an area that is less aurally-offensive to others in the class.

20 Fabulous DIY Musical Games & Instruments For Toddlers

Make an outdoor music wall. Ages Respond positively to transitions from desired to less desired activity when paired with music. Moderate movements to tempo (fast/ slow) and dynamics (loud/soft) of music heard.

Build a giant xylophone that your kids will love.

How to make a giant xylophone Make this giant xylophone for your kids which doubles as a colourful outdoor artwork.

Natural Play Spaces | loving the new addition to our natural playspace and I hope the ...

Natural Playspaces Series - Building a Musical Spool Table

A "Banging Wall" For the kids

Learning and Teaching With Preschoolers: Music Banging Wall. Less than to make if you get everything at the dollar store.

Pre-school Play: Music Wall Makeover!

let the children play: Simple Play Space Transformations: Sound Makers dollar store kitchen supplies used to make a great sound wall for outdoor play.