"66 Things You Can Grow in Containers"

Organic Gardens Network: 66 Things You Can Grow In Containers Hops Strawberries Tomatoes Summer Squash Other Squashes, like Acorn and Pumpkin Hot Peppers Sweet Peppers Cucumbers Melons Small Cantaloupe Just about any herb grows

Guide to Growing Lettuces

Discover essential gardening tips and advice for growing lettuce. Learn how to grow lettuce in your garden, when and where to plant and reliable varieties.

66 things you can grow at home in containers

Container Gardens - 66 Things You Can Grow At Home: In Containers, Without a Garden. From apples and figs to bananas and guavas -- and hops.

Start a Quick and Easy Food Garden

Quick and Easy Bag Gardening - Organic Gardening

Bag gardening couldn’t be easier. Simply set out purchased bags of topsoil, cut them open, and plant seeds and seedlings right into the topsoil. The bag garden in this plan will be brimming with more than 20 vegetables and culinary herbs by its third year

How to root hardwood cuttings.

"Propagate from cuttings, I can’t just toss those cut stems away, putting them to waste. Each stem can make a whole new tree, and fairly easily.set up a little propagator for rooting some of these “hardwood cuttings.

17 Must-Have Butterfly Plants

Top Plants for Your Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden South American Verbena This plant is a perfect cut flower -- but don't worry about using it in bouquets. The more you cut, the more it blooms, so there will always be a supply of the lavender-purple blooms for butterflies to enjoy, too.

Turn fall leaves into seasonal roses for a centerpiece!

I love roses. What a great idea to pick up the beautiful fall leaves in Lubbock or wherever you live to make these unique fall leaf roses.

Use toilet paper rolls to start your plants. When ready to plant, stick the whole roll in the ground. Roll will decompose

I've been saving containers to start seeds and this is just profect. toilet paper rolls to start your plants, when ready to plant, stick the whole roll in the ground, roll will decompose

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