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Where's Your Target Audience? - Target Audience Analysis - MetricaMeasurement Matters

As an award winning PR agency we work hard to always deliver clients messages to their target audiences, however some audiences can be more difficult to target than others. This weeks infographic looks at where target audiences spend their time.

High Rise

High Rise

Lauren Beukes in Ballardia...

Photographer Nico Krijno made Lauren Beukes get into Margie Orford's creepy swimming pool for a Zoo City-inspired shoot

Abandoned swimming pools....

Photographer J Bennett Fitts traveled through the US to find these abandoned motels pools and capture the emptiness of these venues that were once places of happiness. // 'No Lifeguard On Duty' by John Bennett Fitts

Untangling the Web: What the Internet is Doing to You

The School of Life is a global organisation dedicated to developing emotional intelligence. We apply psychology, philosophy, and culture to everyday life.

David Bowie 1973July 3 Jean Genie Love Me Do

David Bowie 1973July 3 Jean Genie Love Me Do

Velvet Undersocks

famous album covers recreated with my socks - Noise made me do it - sound,music and things that tickle your ears

The Social Media Missing Link in MBA Programs

The Social Media Missing Link [INFOGRAPHIC] (The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth interviewed 70 of the nation’s top MBA schools to learn more about their social media use)

Hug a Book!  by Avi Abrams #Photography #Hug_a_Book #Avi_Abrams

I LOVE this ad for Australia Post, entitled Hug. "If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter." Why have we all stopped writing letters? I keep hearing people say how much they like getting a handwritten letter.