bonsai hdn decor bonsai bonsai and kokedama bonsai dwarf plants bonsai .

Fancy - Juniper Bonsai Tree: Love Bonsi Trees this is sooo pretty..must have. Never seen one like it.

:-: "Juniperus chinensis", Chinese juniper bonsai, Enebro de la China [In training since formal upright style, Chokkan]

Meditation with a BONSAI JUNIPER Kit plus Cushion by BuyDisOrDat, $19.95

Bonsai is a Japanese art form using miniature trees grown in low side pot. A bonsai is a miniature version of a tree. The practice of cultivating a bonzai

Rose Bonzai !!

Kokedama of miniature rose. It is an interesting combination. Miniature roses to the moss ball, the Toka's recommend those thick with dark color of the leaves. Moss is a strong thing is good seems to dry.

DIY projects (copper bonzai tree here. Mum and I used to make those)

Silver wire tree with crystal beads mounted on a chunk of crystal rock. Tree including base is tall. This was a real challenge for me but I& very happy with the way it turned out.