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Paula Mercurio

Paula Mercurio
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Saint Martha and Saint Mary of Bethany the sisters of Lazarus, friends and disciples of Jesus. I used an originally way to picture them, St Martha, taking care of everything, holding a loaf of bread, St Mary, sitting, listening...

Saints Martha and Mary of Bethany in driftwood- Myrrh-bearers icon, Sisters of Lazarus original religious art of Crete in beach wood

Religious Art, Religious Paintings, Orthodox Icons, Facial, Egg, Painting Process, Art Icon, Tempera, Mouths, Hands, Design, Egg As Food, Eggs

Pyhä Yrjänä

Zdjęcie: San Giorgio e il drago ombreggiatura

Gentled by grace. That’s the incredible and inspiring story of Abba Moses the Black.

A Violent Man Gentled by Grace: Abba Moses the Black - Soul Shepherding


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