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Logic versus religion- logic wins every time. Atheist Quotes, Atheist Beliefs, Atheist Humor, Secular Humanism, Losing My Religion, Les Religions, In This World, Thoughts, This Or That Questions

Too linear. Christians never get this.

Special Pleading as it relates to the "creator" hypothesis. Athiest, Anti Religion, Question Everything, Christianity, The Creator, Bible, Wisdom, God, Thoughts
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The classic counter to the watchmaker defense.

The Ascension is a beautiful fine art image painted by John Singleton Copley in 1775 which depicts the scene from the bible where Jesus ascends into Heaven. Size: x Gender: unisex. Material: Value Poster Paper (Matte).

Never trust a person who can clear their conscience of any immoral act by asking forgiveness from their imaginary friend Atheist Humor, Atheist Quotes, Religious Humor, Religious People, Anti Religion, Never Trust, Trust God, All That Matters, Look At You
Atheist HumorAtheist QuotesReligious HumorAnti Religion

Rape, rinse, and repeat.

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Prayer, God's Plan. Please change it. Losing My Religion, Anti Religion, I Have A Plan, How To Plan, Jesus Funny, Free Thinker, Gods Plan, Atheism, Funny People
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The implications of prayer.

Cognitive Dissonance in all its glory Cognitive Dissonance, Atheism, Thought Provoking, Food For Thought, Breakup, Christianity, Religion, Things To Come, Faith
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Cognitive Dissonance in all its glory

Atheist Eve, written by Tracy Harris. Religious people are the ones claiming to *know* that god exists and that it created the universe. Religion And Politics, Politics Humor, Free Thinker, Being Good, Son Of God, Liking Someone, Knowing God, How I Feel, About Me Blog
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"What about the children"/ "it's dangerous for our children " -reasons that many Christians use to justify their opposition to gay marriage and gay people existing in general Anti Religion, Religious People, Atheism, Christianity, Catholic, Marriage, Bible, Faith, God
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FOX worthy

Religions hate thinkers - anf robber barons they be, the churches. Athiest, Free Thinker, The Orator, Catholic School, That Way, Just In Case, Religion, Spirituality, Faith
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The crux of the matter

Yeshua, Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven;

The joys of eternal life

Related posts: Nobody’s going to hell. There is no hell. Shut the fuck up already. Ok, let’s see if this helps you goobers understand… :P If your god of choice is “all-powerful”, what the fuck does he need you for? Sky Daddy, Comedian George, Atheist Agnostic, Anti Religion, Christian Love, George Carlin, Question Everything, What Happens When You, Atheism
Atheist AgnosticAnti ReligionWhat Happens When You

More fun with Christian love

You don't believe in evolution? But evolution is NOT a matter of belief. It is science, and science does not involve belief.

“We are stardust Billion-year old carbon And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden.” ― Joni Mitchell via Nassim Haramein Dirty Dancing, Look At You, Pictures Of You, Make Me Smile, Spirituality, Spiritual Enlightenment, Photos, Wisdom, Words
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Happy six billionth birthday

Looking for a dark wallpaper? I've made this article for all the people who like dark wallpapers and want to have cool dark backgrounds on their devices.


Christian Privilege & The Long Road To The Separation of Church & State. What does religious freedom mean to you? Respect for your religious traditions? The ability to practice your faith w… Anti Religion, Religion And Politics, Muslim Holidays, Happy Holidays, Persecution, Atheism, Oppression, The Help, Christianity
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Christians learned the wrong lessons from Orwell.