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just like yesterday, i said all my goodbyes. and tonight, i'll say the rest. they may not realize that it would be the last time, but i hope they at least care.

And you still choose to have Mrs B around...,

"If you break someone's heart and they still talk to you with the same excitement and respect, believe me they really love you." It's really dumb it takes breaking up to realize that though. And they don't deserve that.

How you made me feel

You made me feel like I could love again and I never thought I could do that again but then you left and I realized that it was just my imagination thinking that you love me.

Top 100 break up quotes photos Yeah it still hurts. You ripped my heart out. I lost you but you lost me too. And I think in time you will come to realize that was the stupidest decision of your life. #breakupquotes #myhearthurts See more

Breakup Quotes: Cute Love Sayings Broken I LOST YOU Love this Love Quotes about breakup ” I just wish I could lose these feelings as fast as I LOST YOU.