I want to cut out the tracks the kids might come across out hiking :)

Great for budding nature detectives! Find out how to identify animals by their tracks - Play a game to find out who can knows the most wildlife footprints in 60 seconds wins. You could even create 'scout badges' for the best guesses!

Explore Bugs with this Bug Fossils Play Dough Invitation. Includes play ideas and book pairings.

Bug Fossils

Making Nature Prints with Air Dry Clay

The Garden Classroom - Helping Kids Learn and Play in Nature

Experiment for kids- grow a magic beanstalk. Fun science that connects to the cherished fairy tale.

Bean in a Jar Experiment

Grow a Magic Beanstalk This next activity brings science and reading together in a really fun way. Growing a magic beanstalk is a really easy science activity, and it pairs perfectly with the book Jack & T

We often use loose material compositions in our classroom as a way for children to tell us what they know. We set out various mater...

Explore Insect Compositions with tangible materials, reference books and Reggio-inspired setting. (via Imagine Learning Center)