Ulf Nordfjell - modern design with old-fashioned flowers

Modern garden designed by Ulf Nordfjell in Sweden. Really love the plant palette and the juxtaposition of the hard and soft lines on this one. Well done, Ulf!

garden blooms

Minimal colour palate used here. Might be tempted into something in hot pink instead of white as the white render already dominates.

contemporary lawn and garden space

Designer Ulf Nordfjell, an influential Swedish landscape architect. Love the combo of clean lines and exuberant planting

Ulf Nordfjell - Wii trädgårdar

Another modern garden with tight lines - I like the open space as a window to the more playful shapes of the trees

Outdoors: Ulf Nordfjell Garden Design Gardenista

Outdoors: Ulf Nordfjell Garden Design

No matter what country he's working in, Stockholm-based landscape architect Ulf Nordfjell's gardens convey a strong flavor of Sweden. His recent Chelsea Fl

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