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5 Traditional living room design ideas: Looking for design inspiration? From modern and bold to traditional and cozy , today Room Decor Ideas gives you some.

Window seat and living room inspiration via Svenskt Tenn

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A Norwegian cabin by the sea

Built-in benches function both as seating and as spare beds in the living room. Holm says the striped, hand-woven fabric she found in Greece is indestructible, and the cork flooring throughout the house has gone 40 years without needing replacing.

Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn: Stockholm's Source for Josef Frank Textiles

Articles, photos and selected products. Get interior design tips to the living room, den, dining room and table setting at Swedish Tenn inspiration pages.

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Industrial Steel Pipe Storage Bar

An Industrial steel pipe storage bar. Unexpectedly elegant and versatile, our steel pipe bar can be used for anything from in the bathroom for