Vit poesi, väldigt vacker. Ljust gråaktig med lite grönt. Minty Breeze - kanske ännu bättre till hallen?!

LADY Balance Färgkarta

LADY Balance Färgkarta by Jotun Sverige AB Sjösmaragd Färgkarta - övervång?

Create a luxurious and unique decoration for the kids' room with these stylish projects.

perfekt grå nyans


Did you also notice that there are less and less white walls around, while always more rooms with walls painted in neutral colors such as beige and gray? My favorite neutral color no doubt is exactly the mix of gray and beige, …

COLOR NOW 2017 styled by Riikka - via Coco Lapine Design


I love the combinations of the soft salmon with the cool blue and greens in this styling by Riikka Kantinkoski (she also did the photographs) for Tikkurila. The post COLOR NOW appeared first on COCO L