Stockholm archipelago,Sweden:

Don't miss a night cruise (dinner and breakfast included) through the archipelago between Stockholm and Helsinki. The islands, with their quaint homes and picturesque harbors, will etch a place in your soul.


Keen to get off the beaten path on the Stockholm Archipelago? These island communities boast a rich heritage and diverse landscape that attract a wealth of visitors during the clement summer months.

Sandhamn, Sweden From central Stockholm it's a two-hour ferry ride to the island of Sandhamn, in the overlooked Swedish archipelago. There's an abundance of beaches, red-painted cottages, and paths that wind through pine forests.

Baltic bliss: A voyage around Stockholm's archipelago

Sandhamn, Sweden.

The Swedish Archipelago: One of the most fantastic parts of Stockholm and Sweden is still a secret for many — the magnificent Stockholm archipelago. This maritime landscape of more than islands, islets and skerries, of which just some one thousand

Let's go to the beach at Sandhamn this Midsummer @Monroeworld #Archipelgao #Sweden

Let's go to the beach at Sandhamn this Midsummer

Möja , one of many beautiful arcipelagos in Sweden

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