Pallet bed made from home! You know you can do it! And it will bne totally worth all the small amount of effort put into it!

DIY: Pallet Swing Bed for Your Back Yard This would be a wonderful outdoor bed !

Backyard decor ideas! I will be searching high and low for one of these spools!

Backyard decor ideas--wooden spool as side table

Private Small Garden Design More

Private Small Garden Design More

Zinkwanne terassendeko …

Zinkwanne terassendeko Maybe replace the candles with fairy garden thjngs …

We're talking boards and bricks here. The last time I put boards and bricks together I got a bookcase. Apparently they're like legos.

13 DIY Patio Furniture Ideas that Are Simple and Cheap . Extra seating idea for parties too. (Diy Bench With Backs)

5 Amazing DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas for Your Backyard -

Outdoor Pallet Furniture DIY: 2 pallets + 3 pavers + white paint = a great outdoor shelf, bar or garden table.

Some great inspiration here... for those terrific outdoor living areas you know yih want to develop!!!

The rocks lavender with mosquito plants in front of the deck. With a few vining plants.

Waterfall and pond for a corner garden .. so pretty

Creative water features water feature a large rock in a pondless water feature - Compost Rules.


Landscape concept = Center section home facade architectural idea.

Zinken teil

Like the lavender surrounded by lower flowers