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Do in parts, or make an end goal of being able to complete the whole five minutes. Five-Minute Plank to Abs of Steel ~ losing weight and fitness

Firm Your Butt in 6 Moves: Kick-Butt Toner

Kick-Butt Toner Works: Butt, Abs, HamstringsStand facing ball with palms on top of it, arms extended, and raise right leg behind you (as shown). Draw right knee toward ball and hold for 1 count. Return to start for 1 rep. Do 12 reps - Pins For Your Health

Braided pony

If you want to incorporate a flower in your hair without the whole flower crown, this is a great option. Do a quick loose braid on one side and don't worry about leaving out loose pieces. Wrap a ponytail holder in low and add your choice of flower!