Yoga Positions Mom and Kids Could Try Together #infographic #Yoga #Health #Fitness

Yoga Positions Mom and Kids-Yoga is a form of exercise which helps to develop flexibility in the body .It is good for kids as well as the older people.

ULS May Unit: Great Extension for Lesson 29 - Make a Dandelion Craft with a Fork

Make a Dandelion Craft using a Fork! - Any child will love creating this bright and cheerful picture with a fork. Such novelty and fun whilst developing planning and sensory skills.

English vocabulary - feelings and emotions

Step " all of a sudden I'm feeling sick inside, like the part of me that's three wants to come out of my eyes, only I squeeze them shut tight and bite down on my teeth ". She felt sick and she cryed and bit down on her teeth to keep her emotions in.


This is such an easy and cool craft to do! This moving paper fish is a project that both kids and adults will have a fun time making! If you are a teacher, this is one project that you will want to add to your bag of handy and fun classroom projects!

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Sight Word Fishing Game - Editable Fish Example                                                                                                                                                      More

Sight Words Fishing Game {with Editable Fish