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The 36 Rules Of Social Media #infographic

36 Rules of Social Media The folks at FastCompany are putting together quite a collection of snippets of advice and calling them the Rules of Social Media. This Infographic is a collection of the rules published in the September edition of the magazine.

Touchpoints for Design Strategy. Any design strategy should address the following: (i) Existing problems and ongoing challenges. (ii) Current benefi ts and successes to be leveraged. (iii) Unmet client/customer needs. (iv) Changing client/customer behaviors and attitudes. (v) Emerging ideas and trends. (vi) Opportunities to differentiate. The way these issues are addressed is the essence of the strategy.

Understanding Design Strategy: Effective Graphic Design for Clients

Infographic: Design Touchpoints via Understanding Design Strategy.

Creative Problem Solving Methods http://www.idea-sandbox.com/cps-methods/

Infographic: Compendium of Creative Problem Solving Methods Idea Sandbox.

And strategy is what makes creativity useful.

Words of wisdom

Always feed your inner child with creative chaos


Crowdfunding Infographic explaining its definition, trends, number and location of crowdfunding sites and types of crowdfunding models and success stories.

Number of crowdsourcing contributors doubles every year. Use Motivation Wheel to find out how to attract them to your project too.

Infographic: Learn how to motivate the crowd

How To Motivate & Inspire Social Media Interaction [Infographic]

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