I don’t need to remind you that I’m a huge fan of the bucket list. It’s a well-established fact at this point. We’ve done a Christmas bucket list every year since we first moved to Austin, so of course this year is no exception. I’m sure you’re dying to know what’s on the list nowView Post

While I won't be doing everything on this list (Santa wont let me take pictures with him any more (◕︵◕) ◔‿◔) I still think this is a helpful reminder list for the season

vecka 23.

vecka 23. (Niotillfem)

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Jag hittade världens sötaste bok på biblioteket med. "Istället för en blomma" hette den. Aw. Den innehöll små teckningar med söta små texter till. Några söta exempel ur boken: .

Husband Illustrates Everyday Life With His Wife, Proves Love Is In The Little Things

Hösttavla / Tavla höst - made by Helle

Hösttavla / Tavla höst - made by Helle

I hope they are having a good dream, because I am tired.

"Legend says when you can't sleep at night, you're awake in someone else's dream". I have lots of sleepless nights.wonder who is keeping me awake? I also wonder who I'm waking up during their night terror.

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Familjeregler / Tavla / Familjetavla / Familjetavlor - made by Helle

Familjeregler / Tavla / Familjetavla / Familjetavlor - made by Helle