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I spend a lot of time daydreaming about bathrooms mostly because I don't have a nice one. This is so simply beautiful I can see this as a realistic option when the day comes that I can design my own bathroom

Sunshine and palms in the bathroom

Green bathroom tiles in the fabulous Danish home of interior designer Natalia of Spatial Code / Line Thit Klein.

Gästtoalett in the making | Simplicity

Gästtoalett in the making

Discover these 12 tiny bathroom decorating tips from Domino. 12 style-savvy solutions to help you make the most of your small space. For more small space ideas go to Domino.


Half bath with DIY plank walls, wrapped in molding, DIY inlaid tile rug, black vanity and pocket door - i love the wire basket for extra toilet paper

Hemma hos grundarna till fabrique

Klassiskt elegant hemma hos grundarna till bagerikedjan Fabrique

Elegant And Colourful Scandinavian Home Of Fabrique Founders - Gravity Home