Not everybody gets to turn 110 years, but our wallpaper factory does. Jubileum is a collection of the century – a birthday gift from all of us at Boråstapeter to all of you across the world who

Rödklöver och Prästkrage, Styvmorsviol och Humleblomster. Ett underbart mönster med ängsblommor, som för tankarna till barndomens somrar.

Red clover, oxeye daisies, love-in-idleness and water avens. A wonderful pattern of meadow flowers, a reminder of childhood summers.

Edgar - Tapeter - Sandberg Tyg & Tapet

Edgar wallpaper from Sandberg Wallpaper by Sandberg Wallp.

Tapet "Duro Gammalsvenska Hudiksvalls Teater" grön 037-23 |

Tapet "Duro Gammalsvenska Hudiksvalls Teater" grön 037-23 |

Drottningholm 2908 - Karlslund - Boråstapeter

It is the of July Tonight the recently inaugurated Drottningsholms theatre at the royal palace will give its premiere performance and the actor’s room backstage is full of energy and a