Kaunis jouluistutus: amaryllikset ja hyasintit sekä sammalta ja varpuja.

Forever, c& pour les rêveurs.

Perfekt hyacintplantering! #planter

An alternative to flames for Advent. Start a bulb each week.

How To Force Bulbs for Gorgeous Indoor Bloom and Color - Traditional Home®

10 Wonderful and Cheap DIY Idea for Your Garden 3

Hyacinth's grown in water

Filz und Garten

Filz und Garten

Frühlingshafte Grüße im Winter Mehr

Bollen in glazen pot. #bollen #hyacint #bulbs

Billedresultat for bollen in glas

Гиацинт Pink

close up Pink hyacinths

KUKKALA #hyasintti #hyacinth

KUKKALA #hyasintti #hyacinth

Guide for How-To Force Bulbs for Beautiful Indoor Displays - close up of hyacinth bulb

Are you thinking about creating a hydroponic greenhouse? If so, this is an incredibly effective way to grow everything from flowers to fruits and vegetables.

.another "lady Like" way to plant bulbs this time of year-a vintage tea cup and saucer-

plant bulbs this time of year-a vintage tea cup

Planting bulbs in a container-- indoor water garden #indoorflowergarden

Pink hyacinths in a glass container - Tips on forcing bulbs <> (spring, springtime season, flowers)