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Funny pictures about The Computer Every Hipster Desires. Oh, and cool pics about The Computer Every Hipster Desires. Also, The Computer Every Hipster Desires photos.

Checkmate, atheists.

The Redneck Retriever Meme Is Here To Speak His Mind If you’ve ever wondered what the opposite of the Sophisticated Cat meme is, wonder no more. The Redneck Retriever is here to remind you of that one time your uncle Karl had a few too

1st grade teacher asked her kids what they think teachers do when not at school

First-grade student wrote what he/she thought teachers do when they are not in school.

Tunisian Protestor With A Sign That Says Grow The Brain Before The Beard

Her comment: Educate your brain rather than grow your beard. This web site is making fun of her comment, saying that she needs to learn some manners instead of holding signs.