06. lyxigt-sovrum-detaljer

Så förvandlar du sovrummet till ett 5-stjärnigt hotellrum – 7 enkla knep

Snyggaste färgkombon...

When hotelier Vikram Chatwal first opened the lifestyle-oriented Time hotel back in the property ushered in a new era for his Hampshire group that prompted the launches of the Chatwal and the Dream series in swift succession. This month marks the.

YPPERLIG LED bordslampa, HOVSTA ram. STOCKHOLM 2017 soffbord, NATTJASMIN påslakan, NATTJASMIN örngott, ÄNGSLILJA påslakan.

Even though I have seen it in so many inspirational interiors already, I’m still in love every time I see a petrol bedroom wall. Combined with these warm elements and crisp white sheets it gives the room a very cozy … Continue reading →