Michael Jildholt

Michael Jildholt

Deep blue sea / sit caelum quod supra me. me terra deorsum. ignis qui in me.
Michael Jildholt
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A fire burns in the Bronx while local kids continue to play ball.

I NY historicaltimes: The game goes on while firefighters battle a smoky blaze at a building on Street at First Avenue in East Harlem on Feb. 1975 Photo by Paul Hosefros

Rzecz tajemna by Anna O

“No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality.” ― Shirley Jackson, The Haunting of Hill House / image Rzecz Tajemna by Anna O


This photograph was taken at a very interesting angle with the sunlight shining through. The black and white of the photograph directs the focus to the woman. Photo Gothic Quarters, Barcelona de Frank van Haalen (via