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Vee Speers - Thirteen - Untitled #9

Vee Speers Poster - Untitled Thirteen Size: x Exclusive to norsu interiors. About the Thirteen series (from Vee Speers): During my daughter’s thi

Brassai: He's taken some extraordinary photographs. This could be a really awful image but instead he invests it with such a degree of class ...

Behind the scenes at the Bordello

Bordello - Photo by Vee Speers “The twighlight of Vee Speers’ great photos of beautiful women causes the viewer to merge with the surroundings of the image and enter a kind of dream-like vision of.

beautiful photo's by Vee Speers

vee speers - The children at Australian-born, Paris-based photographer Vee Speers ‘Birthday Party' look as if they were in the twilight zone

Vee Speers

Autobiographical Fantasies

vee speers photograph

Title: Untitled The Birthday Party Series Artist: Vee Speers Australian) Description Cibachrome Print

Vee Speers

" Had you asked this question? I did it. This serie of.