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Mikaela Buijs

Mikaela Buijs
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wiffle ball forage toy

Use a wiffle ball as a foraging toy! Tie the end of a cotton shoelace to the wiffle ball and gather or slice small treats that are safe for your pet. Stuff the wiffle ball with treats and hang the toy

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This is a handmade Rabbit Hay Rack With a Station for The Rabbit Litter Tray, How Amazing Is This. Handmade By Boyles Pet Housing

im guessing this is for guinea pigs? if so, it's fantastic. they really need this much space, but everyone gets them at a pet store and puts them in a tiny little cage

(Not into guinea pigs but holy cow, amazing!)Now, THIS is a guinea pig house from heaven! My girls would be on piggy 'Cribs' if we had this.and I will be begging my husband to let us have this!I found 'Cute Guinea Pig Cage' on Wish, check it out!