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Mikaela Julher

Mikaela Julher
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Welcome To Norway, Puny American Soldier. I love it.

Probably the funniest marine story I have ever read! Welcome To Norway, Puny American Soldier // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

SatW: Welcome to-OH NO

Webcomic: Let's just say Sweden and Denmark's attitudes towards immigrants are very different.

SatW: What to do, What to do

What to do what to do - Scandinavia and the World In Sweden, prison guards forgot to lock cells. Inmates used this opportunity to bake cookies and watch T.

Ao no Exorcist | Cute!

Chibi Rin bites someones finger, feels bad, and puts a bandage on the finger! He is so kawaii in this picture! Ao No Exorcist l Blue Exorcist l Rin Okumura Like I said, they make the best chibis


Basic Rule In Anime - and also in real life, for me at least. I smile a lot but if you're the one who makes it go away you're finished.

I have no idea XD

I have no idea XD Maybe that's why I want to dye my hair a "wild color." I just want to be the main character in my own anime. You Are the main character in your own story.