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Kind of obsessed with phoenixes (how do you make that plural, phoenices? LOL)

What Mythic Creature Should Be Your Pet? I got a Phoenix!

In ancient Chinese thought, summer was associated with the color red, the sound of laughing, the heart organ, the fire element and a red phoenix bird.

Mythical Creatures: Phoenix - Description, History, Sightings and Images

Phoenix Bird Tattoo

Beautiful Tattoo Designs for women

Phoenix bird of fire Google Image Result for http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-imKeSGd-gAA/TfFzYLzWKEI/AAAAAAAAEWc/xEJ2YXPcVf8/s1600/Phoenix1.177160128_std.jpg

pictures of a phoenix firebird - Aztec Media Yahoo Search Results

Phoenix Bird By Edytattoo On Deviantart Design 428x420 Pixel

Phoenix Bird By Edytattoo On Deviantart Design Pixel

Google Image Result for http://static4.depositphotos.com/1010340/289/v/450/dep_2895342-Phoenix-bird.jpg

Tattoos Mythical Phoenix Bird on Mythical Phoenix Bird Royalty Free Cliparts Vectors And Stock

@Allison j.d.m Ziraldo - Al! You should definitely use this as inspiration for your back piece. I saw it and immediately thought of you =)

I love the idea for a phoenix tattoo, but not particularly this one. Now that the idea is in my head, I am seriously considering getting a tattoo. I rose from the ashes.


Getting a tattoo is always personal, and generally has particular meaning to the people who get them. A Phoenix design holds deep meaning. Learn the Phoenix Tattoo Meaning here.