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Mikael Tillbom

Mikael Tillbom
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Vacation dreams - Housescaping

A LAP POOL enjoys a cheery dose of pattern thanks to its Moroccan tile surround. Design by Jaco Janse van Rensburg in collaboration with Zuckerman Sachs Architects.

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Everyone loves swimming pools. You don’t necessarily need a big yard space, mini swimming pools are also a great idea. Especially in the summertime when you need some cooling and relaxing time.

Island retreat featuring rooftop and underground pools.

Kapsimalis Architects has renovated a small white house on the cliffs of a Greek island, adding swimming pools on the rooftop and in the basement.


Not every backyard or garden can allow accommodating a big pool but there’s a good solution in this case – a plunge pool. Plunge pools are big enough for you.