Spray tin cans white then decorate.

Home Storage & Organization: DIY Tin-Can Desk Caddy - this is the pretties Desk Caddy I think I have ever seen! Uses Tin Cans you might other wise throw away along with some paint, gift wrapping paper, Lace, etc. From Shabby Chic Inspired

New Filofax organizational box // Craft Room Secrets

Craft Room Secrets: New filofax organizational box. Damn, that's a lot of stuff for one planner.of course mine's in a flat box and already wants to overflow, so who am I to judge.

Inget mer trassel!  Önskar man kunde sticka

Wonderfully awkward: Tutorial for I-cord earphone cover (otherwise known as "I wanna put on mah mah mah mah mah boogie earbuds! There are so many benefits, the best one I think is the earbuds don't get tangled!

Så enkelt och fint.

Today I’ve freshened up my clothespins with washi tape! Put tape on the clothespin, use a pair of scissors to cut around and use a…

FRU INEZ - virkat, stickat & sytt: Virkade galgar

FRU INEZ - virkat, stickat & sytt: Virkade galgar

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