HANNAS: trädgård

Strutbräken Ostrich Ferns 'Matteuccia struthiopteris' Native zone 3 ~ Loamy Soil, Moist/Wet Soil The tightly wound immature fronds, fiddleheads, are also used as a cooked vegetable,

Stenströms garden, Sweden

There are so many places to find inspiration and so many things I like. The hard part in planing a garden is to limit myself.

klimplant Lonicera henryi (kamperfoelie), groen leerachtig smal blad, half wintergroen, heerlijk geurend, opbinden tegen draadkabel (van Ikea)

Ikea retractable wire clothes line. Perfect for vertically growing vines

Fabulous vertical garden.

There’s no better solution than to bring a vertical garden. While arranging a vertical garden…

Metal grid makes a nice vine trellis

PROPOSED FRONT SCREEN - Something like this - reinforcing mesh with a metal frame around it. Attach to fence so it sits higher to provide privacy

Piazzan: Humle på störer

I love these vines and the natural trellis they're on (Piazzan: Humle på störer)