Architectura - Belgische Architectuurprijzen: Rijwoning van ONO architectuur in Antwerpen

ONO architectuur, renovation of a row house in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium (Gert Somers awarded the Belgian award for architecture in the single house category in

saganaki house employs adds floor to existing building

Saganaki House Employs Independent Construction Atop Existing Building In Paris in Architecture & Interior design


Nagano House By TNA Architecture. Completed in July the Ring House ( a.a Nagano House), is a beautiful example of simple, clean, modern architecture, that does nothing to detract from the amazing forest it is in.


Small House by Unemori Architects "Location: Meguro, Tokyo, Japan" 2010

Gallery of Small House / Unemori Architects - 1

With a bed, it becomes easy to add a spare bedroom into your small house. Check here from 35 different designs for small space alcove beds. - Page 2

#theforeignarchives #inspo chillin in a mexican modern ranch

Walls-courtyard-pool House in Marrakesh designed by interior designer Esther Gutmer and architect Helena Marczewski