Beautiful space

Crisp, clean, white makes small spaces seem bigger and brighter. I love how even the radiator is clean and white. Pair this with an awesome book shelve and it provides character to an otherwise boring room!

Cozy office space - via Coco Lapine Design, photography by Janne Olander for Stadshem

If you are a book lover and have books here and there, it’s time to organize them. Decorate with books and create an inspiring interior.

Interiors - Lotta Agaton - LINKdeco

Interiors - Lotta Agaton - LINKdeco - like the dark sofa and accent chairs. Could this work with dark floors and a light rug?

Caroline Walls, Carlton North — IN BED Store

Caroline Walls, Carlton North

Interior + Exterior Design // Caroline Walls, Carlton North — IN BED Store