The Top 50 Etsy Baby Shops of 2013

The Top 50 Etsy Baby Shops of 2013 - great place to find those hidden gems! I heart Etsy!

Pared con muebles Besta Ikea

Ikea Besta units - I love the idea of a complete wall of units.Could be used in any room including a kitchen or playroom. The glossy finish reflects light back into the room and would hide a multitude of clutter.

Uashmama Paper Bags

Uashmama Washable Paper Metallic Bag Gold Stack: made using virgin fibre through cultivation and not deforestation. paper that washes like fabric holding its form so it can be used over and over again. made in tuscany and florence.

Mini Piccolini - In My Diaper Bag

Mini Piccolini - In My Diaper Bag - these are all great ideas for babyshower gifts

Mini Piccolini - Glass Baby Bottles

Everything that you need to know when choosing the best glass baby bottles for your kids.

Montessori-inspired favourite things for an 11-month old

Remember these Montessori-inspired favourite things (for four-year-old Caspar) by Kylie of How We Montessori? Well today I am so happy to share another list of favourite things by Kylie, this time …