Skargaarden at the spoga+gafa event The three chairs nominated for the German Design Awards on show


I love the serenity of the white on white, and the simple bed set right on the floor, with a simple stand as a bedside table.


Reminds me of the fresh lilacs my brother and I placed on our mom's breakfast-in-bed tray for Mother's Day!

Summer Drink Lime, Mint & Blackberry Water

Blackberry Mojitos 2 oz white rum Juice of half a lime 1 TBS sugar Ice Club soda sprigs fresh mint 1 handful blackberries

Min dag/Tine K

Melissa's Take on Life: Inspis - Tinen koti norjalaisessa lehdessä

Stars  #PruneForJune

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Wine / Finland / Nightless night / Noora & Noora blog /