This sounds like actual heaven in cake form.

Almond Crepe Cake with Raspberry-Rose Cream

Baked this pretty cake for my birthday. I never imagined a gluten-free dessert could taste so good! This subtly-sweet crepe cake has made a convert of me. The recipe includes a sugar-free option as well that doesnt sacrifice flavor. So pretty and so good.

Doces e macaroons com cupcakes para lembrancinha

Posh Tea Time ~ Debbie ❤ - I think frosting ruins things but I can't help but adore the looks of the roses on these.

I N S T A G R A M @EmilyMohsie

luminosi: “ghleam: “acuore: “ocea: “Just a friendly reminder that you are absolutely beautiful. ” a c u o r e // Queue Group//Horcrux Awards// Lana del Rey Awards//Teen Wolf Awards//Underwater.

hazelnut cream chocolate ganache mini pavlovas

Pretty bridal shower dessert idea - mini pavlovas with hazelnut cream and chocolate {Courtesy of Historias del Ciervo}

Gingered Pomelo Sorbet

Gingered Pomelo Sorbet

Italian Hot Chocolate

How to Make Italian Hot Chocolate

What Fun Girl doesn't love Italian Hot Chocolate? Third Place Cup has a nice Mexican hot chocolate already, why not not mix it up with a good Italian twist? FGC highly suggests a little Peppermint Schnapps.

zebra cake doughnuts

These Zebra Cake Doughnuts are a riff on my childhood favorite treat, Zebra Cakes! Baked yellow doughnuts filled with a marshmallow creme frosting.