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hazelnut cream chocolate ganache mini pavlovas

Pretty bridal shower dessert idea - mini pavlovas with hazelnut cream and chocolate {Courtesy of Historias del Ciervo}

Hazelnut crunch cake

Hazelnut crunch cake celebration gateau fit for a king use those leftover Christmas nuts in magnificent style with this recipe

Gingered Pomelo Sorbet

Gingered Pomelo Sorbet

Italian Hot Chocolate

How to Make Italian Hot Chocolate

What Fun Girl doesn't love Italian Hot Chocolate? Third Place Cup has a nice Mexican hot chocolate already, why not not mix it up with a good Italian twist? FGC highly suggests a little Peppermint Schnapps.

zebra cake doughnuts

These Zebra Cake Doughnuts are a riff on my childhood favorite treat, Zebra Cakes! Baked yellow doughnuts filled with a marshmallow creme frosting.