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At first I was like, "Oh a cute story about Cinderella genderbend", then I was all, "NO OMG THAT'S DESTIEL!!" LOL XD:

I wanna say this is perfect for all my wonderful ships, but the handprint demands me to put this on my Destiel board.<-- It demands me to put it on my SuperWhoLock page.

Hairy Situation by ~dewdrop34 on deviantART

Jackunzel - Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons.I don't ship it as much as Jack and Merida.But o well :)

THIS IS AMAZING! It's like she fell into her favorite book!

Oh my word best gif ever. My Disney heart. If you love Tangled WATCH THIS GIF!<--my fragile disney heart

Wedding bells and raisin feels. <<< that's awesome, I ship it. And I am one of those people who prefer oatmeal raisin cookies over chocolate chip.

Last sentence 😂 there might be a zombie apocalypse going on but dammit, that's no excuse to break fashion rules