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18 Award-Winning Science Pictures

Scanning electron microscope image of the Arabidopsis thaliana flower.

Lovely Bones: The Art of Evolution

Skeletal rib cage of a gorilla, 1951. The cage protects its vital organs and provides girders for its huge chest muscles, on display at the Museum of Natural History, New York.

The Anatomy Of The Human Brain

Medical photography can also be used to document important information on rare illnesses.

The human heart stripped off all its fat and muscle, leaving only the angel veins exposed; something utterly beautiful.

lilalu's childhood

just discovered these patterns today on Ravelry: lilalu's childhood

Harvest color hand knit arm warmers / urban rustic long fingerless mitts / earthy brown / pumpkin orange / pine forest green / her mix match

Hand knit arm warmers / urban rustic / cottage chic / earth colors / country / winter warm / multicolor / cottage style / for her

Grasfleckenbylilalu: Kaarina and Ingrid....after a long journey