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How cute is this tiny piglet?!

A precious baby piglet is a warm and intelligent addition to your family.

Playful Chalk Art by David Zinn  <3 !

Calk Art by David Zinn 13

David Zinn's street art

Sluggo’s busking has become much more profitable since he invested in a three-dimensional hat. Ann Arbor Summer Festival: Top of the Park, Michigan (June - street art by David Zinn

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David Zinn Sluggo Chalk Art - The heart-warming images of Sluggo the slug-like alien featured in the David Zinn Sluggo chalk art has been appearing all over Ann Arbor.

David Zinn, USA, 2016

It's finally summer festival season! Sluggo believes in arriving early to practice his "woooooooo!" — at Ann Arbor Summer Festival: Top of the Park.

David Zinn

The Chalk Art Adventures of Sluggo by David Zinn

"Sluggo and Philomena, shown here making ephemera preserves."

David Zinn - Sluggo and Philomena, shown here making ephemera preserves

David Zinn - street artist chalk

chalk street art by artist david zinn

David Zinn (2013) - Still Sweet!

David Zinn - Still Sweet! - - - - - - - MM sez: So love David's whimsical art! So likeable, sweet and charming!

David Zinn

David Zinn - Sluggo New Work