This hit me like a train. More

‘Everyone has a chapter they don’t read out loud.’ So true when you give some thought to this.

"where is she?"  "Gone."  "What, what do you mean?"  "Packed her bag up and just left. Gone."

"Gone. I can't believe you are just GONE. Today you are just GONE. Truly the saddest word in any language.


Thats my life..

Everyone longs for that feeling of wanting to go away & to be left alone. I wish someone would stay cause I'm now always alone

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Det händer nu

I want late summer nights, sun-bleached hair, cold drinks, loud music, long…

I'm sick of people following me, be your own person. Never have i changed the fact that i want tattoos and piercings and you called it trashy. This is how i lose best friends because they turn into who i am which isn't who they are so fuck you. I like tattoos you like tattoos? I like piercings you like piercings? I like drawing so you like drawing even though your shitty at it? FUCKKK YOU!

more birds. and i like the font of the word "live" on her finger. maybe i could do "love" on my ring finger?

Fina och avskalade blomtatueringar

If you are dying to make a rebellious statement, but do not want to make too much of a splash, behind the ear tattoo is just here for you. Tucking a tattoo behind the ear not only

if people keep saying you ugly then remember don’t think of yourself as ugly just think yourself as a beautiful monkey lols. And if you liked this one there are more insanely funny quotes on pictur…

grief meme that says some things in life cannot be fixed they can only be carried

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I cant decide where I want my birds

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