This is so me...The Arm Sleeper's Pillow - Hammacher Schlemmer

The Arm Sleeper’s Pillow and a list of awesome things you didn't know you needed (some are just lazy but there are gems in the mix)

Concept motorcycle

Mikhail Smolyanov concepts

Infinite USB plug

Infinite USB plug is a big idea for small conveniences

While the laptop is getting smaller, the USB ports are getting more limited. But more and more devices are using USB port. So this InfiniteUSB can solve this problem.When there is a new USB device plug in, at the same time, it provides one more USB port.


i could eat a bowl of blueberries or add it to my cereal. superfoods: beans blueberries broccoli oats oranges pumpkin salmon soy spinach tea (green or black) tomatoes turkey walnuts yogurt

How cool is this?

Rustic Bottle Opener - I just love smart ideas. I'll bet it's hard to get the nail to bend just so, though.

OSTRICH, The “Revolutionary” Portable Nap Maker

Studio Banana Things The Original Authentic Ostrich Pillow : Childrens Plush Toy Pillows : Toys & Games

Uniform Wares 300 Series

recent splurge. :s 300 Series (PVD Rose Gold / Walnut Brown Leather)


Peraves Monotracer Jet Bike - The aerodynamic design helps this bike top off at 155 miles per hour.

Beanbags are just fine, sure. But Kumeko has built a better beanbag, and it's called the Snug Chair.

The Beanbag Has Finally Been Perfected

Snug Chair by Kumeko - a cool little cocoon slash modern beanbag chair.

1959 Itom Tabor Racer foot-change gearbox and flanged alloy wheels. The Itom has a special place in the hearts of racing fans, as Mike Hailwood's first trophy was at Blandford on 10 June 1957 for his place finish on a Itom.

Finger-nose Stylus by Dominic Wilcox

London designer Dominic Wilcox created this stylus that straps over his nose for using his touch-screen phone in the bath. Update: this project is included in Dezeen Book of Ideas, which is on sale now for

Brewery Ommegang

Official site of Brewery Ommegang, makers of authentic Belgian-style ales in America. Discover our beers, our brewery, get event info, tasting notes and more.