Jeu en carton

cardboard tubes + box = hours of fun! We pieced together TP and paper towel tubes. Used marbles. The kiddo loved it and even still pulls it out to roll the marbles into a dump truck. He wont' let me toss any cardboard tubes now.

Sand Slime Recipe.  What could be more fun than super stretchy, OOZING sand?  My kids had so much fun with this stuff, and it is SO EASY to make!

DIY, How to make Sand Slime. What could be more fun than super stretchy, OOZING sand? Out of all the ways we have played with sand this has definitely been a favorite! This recipe is super easy, too!

DIY Holiday Ice Lanterns ~ best instructions I have seen for making these! Fun family project~

DIY Holiday Ice Lanterns

DIY Holiday ICE Lanterns + How to Scent Trick! Love it! I think it really could work with other holidays too, but obviously the winter holidays lend themselves to ice.


Amazing outdoor play space for kids- use it for inspiration, love the painted tree slices as stepping "stones"!

sandbox ideas - sand wall with cut off plastic bottles

Sandbox Ideas - easy sandbox play and storage solutions