OMG...what an awesome ides! We have a piece like This we got from the Oregon Coast, was going to make a table out of it.....this is so much cooler!!! Thank you Pinterest, my husband will hate you for me finding this! Haha

Floor standing Curvy Wine Rack

Floor standing wine rack, made from a log of finished wood with recesses for wine bottles. What a beautiful way to store wine.

popsicle stick building projects | the popsicle money box using self bought popsicle sticks

Popsicle stick money box a great project for teaching English

popsicle stick building projects | the popsicle money box using self bought popsicle sticks

DIY Titular de Fusta Revista 2 (1 de 1)

DIY Wooden, X-shaped magazine holder

simply–aesthetic: “DIY Wooden, X-shaped magazine holder ”

vintagepiken: Hale Mercantile Co.

Rustic wood reindeer by PaulaFolawn on Etsy

Rustic wood reindeer

Rustic wood reindeer by PaulaFolawn on Etsy. Outside on kitchen windowsill

candlesticks, branches - ensuus

candlesticks, branches - romance is simple

The Sydney home of Cassandra Karinsky of Kulchi on the Temple & Webster blog. #kitchen #Beldi #eucalyptus

These are our friends: Cassandra Karinsky, Kulchi

The eucalyptus wood utensils and hand-carved containers in the kitchen are everyday ‘Beldi’ pieces, which basically means ‘country’ in Arabic. I love all things Beldi!

How to: Carve Your Own Wooden Spoon » Man Made DIY | Crafts for Men « Keywords: wood, carving, woodworking, spoon

I have a beautiful wooden spoon, one of my favorite things in my kitchen. It was carved by hand and because of that, it was expensive. Totally worth it, in my view, but a once in a lifetime purchase for me. Every now and then I wish I could afford to give

House dish rack

House dish drying rack by Veronika Paluchova

coat rack, coat hanger, yosemite, entryway organizer, mangosteen

Mangosteen Tree Trunk Coat Rack is the best thing you can get from the nature for your room decoration and you can make use of it. Its beautiful, completely renewable, grown from nature and all are taken from the Mangosteen

Wood Pendant by GatewayAlpha Head over to and share your Valentine's Day ideas with us!

Wood Heart Pendant, Wooden Heart Necklace, Wooden Pendant, Hand Carved Pendant, Wooden Jewelry, Wood Carved Pendant, Wooden Heart Necklace

Pendant heart, idea only

DIY Wood Ring Box Tutorial

diy wood ring box

DIY Ring Jewelry Box: So how come we can ignore the importance of a tiny ring? We have compiled this whole DIY article just for you guys where we would be discussing some easy DIY ring jewelry box ideas.

Footed Wood Slab Tray -

Footed Wood Slab Tray

love this Anthropologie Footed Wood Slab Tray (if you click through this link I will receive a tiny commission)

Wooden Cloud Man

A beautiful wooden toy figure in the shape of a cloud.

Color Block Wooden Pendant Lamps by Miniforms

5 eye-catching design accessories

slope pendant lamp by miniforms - minimal design

DIY Leather and Wood Door Stop Tutorial

DIY Leather Door Wedge

Learn how to make a gorgeous DIY door stop wedge using scrap wood with this tutorial by designer and avid DIYer Anna Smith of Annabode.