Handkraft & Återbruk - recycling jeans

- recycling jeans - now this is a jeans reusable project I can get behind. Love the quilts but hate cutting and sewing all the squares together.

Oh yes, excellent project.  Frame hunting is the challenge! I debated a wall of mustard yellow, but this is almost better.

Nifty Wall Art Project: made from thrift store picture frames. Basically, you get a bunch of empty frames of different shapes and sizes, paint them all the same color, and hang them.

Remake furniture with wall paper

Diy furniture makeover using wallpaper

Restoring an old metal filing cabinet - I think this is just amazing. The related blog takes you through this process step by step. So creative and also great as it is recycling old furniture to make something wonderful.

Transform a tired metal filing cabinet with paint, scrapbook paper and mod podge. @ Little House in the Big D: Spring Time Storage

Handkraft & Återbruk -

Handkraft & Återbruk -

mirror remake

mirror remake

Återbruk - konst betong återbruk målningar workshop inspirationsdagar kursverksamhet

Återbruk - konst betong återbruk målningar workshop inspirationsdagar kursverksamhet

Plastic bottle remake

What a great way to reuse the bottom of plastic bottles to make containers.

Nyfixat : 57 projekt för dig som gillar återbruk. Pris:  174:-

57 DIY upcycling projects (in Swedish)

Wooden Knobs in a range of colors including happy yellow, romantic pink, vintage red, and a calming turquoise blue

Door coloured wooden knobs by Chocolate Creative - wooden furniture knobs, wall hooks, desk accessories, cushions

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fine hjerter i stoff, bla rester av en jeans.