New Years: Nail It by savannah - Black with gold accent nail

botanical art, oil painting, In the Light

In the Light Diana Elena Chelaru Oil & Enamel

Chalk Art by David Zinn 2

(link) STREET ART: Chalk Art by David Zinn 2 ~ Alien Monster Rake / Raking the Autumn Leaves ~ Fall Harvest / yard garden / work and play / kids child children / concrete sidewalk / path ~ for more great PINs w/good links visit ~ have fun!

*A Splash of Color

Painting with sound, awesome! The artist Martin Klimas splattered paint in different colors over the diaphragm of a speaker. Then turning the volume up, the vibration of the speaker sent the paint aloft in patterns.

Step-by-step for herringbone braid

Step-by-step for herringbone braid hair-styles

Awwwww!!  Puppy.


'Buddy' Acrylic painting, 2011 by artist Jenny Cottingham Oh my gosh! I had to pin since MY Buddy has been gone since and was a beagle (looked a lot like the picture)!

That movie traumatized me when I was little but still love it.

ET retro poster minimalist art movie print ET art by Harshness


Occupy your imagination or someone else will. Chalk art by David Zinn - Street Art, Quotes

Harry Styles Medium Curls

Harry Styles Medium Curls- this needs to be his all the time hair style.

Louis Tomlinson <3

Mr Louis Tommo Tomlinson everybody xx


Piranha Mouth - of 10 Thank goodness lips don't have eyes, because if they did, this is how freaky they would look. Yet again, thank you very much for doing this in makeup and not as a tattoo, because we .

ZAYN Meme |

Happy birthday to one of the coolest, thoughtful, caring, lovely, (I could go on for hours) people I know. Hope you're having the greatest day ever surrounded by those you love!

Louis Tomlinson

Louis in the Cosmopolitan photo shoot

Niall! (Tumblr)

Niall Horan: Snowflake, Irish lad, beautiful blue eyes, Nandos, always hungry. That beautiful boy who ever walked the earth.

I thought it was all you need is love.  Hmmmm! * que thinky face *

live with less. realize less is more. it gives you a chance to appreciate the things you have. New motto in kindergarten.