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Use A Fork To Create The Ultimate Home Security System

Radio controlled jet powered by a Jetcat P160 SE. On the 23rd of May, this Jet has been lasered @ 586 KpH Which makes it a 366 MpH plane...

Flying B-52 scale model with real jet turbines!

▶ RC turbine jet F-16 scale 1:4 - YouTube

Rogers Knobel SR-71 Blackbird Giant Remote Control Turbine Jet Published on Oct 5, 2013 05.10.2013 Hausen am Albis/ MG Affoltern a.A Fantastisch das Flugbild dieser SR-71 Blackbird mit einer BehotecTurbine, selber alle Teile am CAD entworfen und selber gefräst,Wow Respekt.!!

very very very fast Turbine powered RC Jet 440 MPH Speed Guinness World Record 2013 ML: We could use this project as a drone, to train ground and navy counter measure systems.

Handgun backpack