Trappa i trä

Mint green stairway with plenty of art!

What's black & white & gold all over?

Questel staircase at Versaille. Questel Staircase, Palace of Versailles - Photo by Robert Polidori

Well maybe not for my house, but with the exception of the leaded glass window very much how my elementary school stairs and the stairs outside my best friend's apartment looked like - Gothenburg

Nice, airy Gothenburg apartment for sale. I think the staircase is just beautiful. Photos via Alvhem .

old apartment building

Wanna live in an old apartment building

Salvaged/prettied up navy blue dresser.....thinking something like this next to the stairwell....

Salvaged/prettied up navy blue dresser.thinking something like this next to the stairwell.

Bright white + navy

Simple but pretty stairs in a London flat

by tifforelie

by tifforelie

I adore this pic. It reminds me of the days back in France. We had a very similar stair case and floor.

old stairs, patterned floor

. who-let-those-photographers-into-my-house

Beautiful and dramatic entryway. Even with the dark painted ceilings, the home still looks large but cozy. Loving the white trim and dark hardwood floors. The drapery is simple, yet elegant. A dream entryway :)