With two storefront locations, Heart Coffee Roasters has become a Portland, Oregon staple. Opening its doors in owner Willie Yli­luoma aspired for the shop to become part of the 'heart of the city', as a place for people to gather together.

BLOGGER LOVE: SUNNY GUNDARA When hunger kicks in, Mr Wolf goes on a hunt for arctic grub, and chances on a surprise find in New York City. Sunny Gundara, a wine and food professional hailing from a small town in Norway, has set up home in the heart of the city. Sunny shares her story.

DENMARK’S LIQUORICE KING READY TO CHALLENGE THE WORLD’S TASTE BUDS Early on a sunny Tuesday morning in Copenhagen, Mr. Wolf had a chat with Johan Bülow, the man behind the world’s first handcrafted gourmet liquorice. Popularly dubbed Denmark’s Liquorice King, Johan is renowned nationally for having laid the founding stones to his vast and rapidly expanding Liquorice Empire in his mother’s kitchen at the age of just twenty-three.

ROOTS KOMBUCHA MALMÖ Roots Kombucha, the new flavour on everyone’s lips. Created by Malmö duo, Nick Rosenstock and Matthias Lehner, the lifestyle drink has quickly taken root in the lives of the health and taste conscious alike. We followed the two friends on one of their weekly preparation workshops, asking questions and digging up answers.

I'LL MEET YOU AT FIKA Head down the laneway, around the corner and past the gallery. Further down the road, past two old ladies lunching, you will see it bathed in the afternoon sunlight; the place where the love of a four-letter Swedish word is felt in every nook and cranny. Welcome, to Fika Swedish Kitchen.